About Mobi-Weld


Example aluminium superstructure for passenger vessels

The European shipbuilding industry is a dynamic and competitive sector both in the European Union (EU) and on a global scale. It has great importance from both an economic and a social perspective, and also involves other areas including transport, security, research and the environment (1). The EU promotes its development and addresses competitiveness issues the sector is facing. In order to maintain European SMEs involved in the industry there is a need to optimise their production methods very quickly to stay competitive with shipyards and other areas all around the world. The MobiWeld project will Improve the productivity of the European ship building and fabrication market to enable improved competitiveness against low-labour rate competitors. It will also accelerate the adoption of aluminium vessels (through lowering the cost of manufacture), which enable significant improvements, lower running costs (lower fuel consumption) and lower CO2 emissions